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Tuesday, August 17th, 2021 - Toyota
2022 Toyota Prado 150 Price Vx 2012 2014 Lease

2022 Toyota Prado. Any Land Cruiser remains the finest go-to vehicle. This model is known for its great off-road capabilities and loads of luxury, and it is still one of the most competitive versions in its class. However, it also reveals that some are becoming older, which means that people should expect to see a whole new age group emerge shortly. TNGA’s new base and every one of its programs enjoyed Toyota technicians several years ago, and yes, it looks like eventually there may be time and energy to decide which section is over the chassis.

Moreover, our company is confident that this company will not rush to use the latest technology in many cars with advanced and equipped engines around the world. Therefore, Toyota Prado 2022 should appear without the need for more valuable changes. Most of us add roughly the same design, as well as a very similar set of standard devices. This is a fairly comfortable car, which uses all the tension of the previously common capabilities of the lower diff. We must first refer to the special treatments. Numerous illustrations can be full-time four-wheel drive, center differential, kinematic vibration reversal, multi-terrain axe, squeak handling, mountain start assist, skid plates, tow hooks, etc.

2022 Toyota Prado Concept

The current technology travels bearing in mind the year 2008 and also looks set to last for a number of more years. Thanks to its highly durable design, it produces excellent off-road characteristics, which can be combined with a greater part of high-end cars quite effectively. Style-wise, we spotted a major revamp from the middle of the model 36 months ago, where the last design came out. It can be less complex than before, especially on the front end, which is the main reason why it doesn’t look outdated. The entire front end has been modified with another place. On the reverse side, the shape and sizes are not modified in any way. It comes with a car-like chassis, which is excellently adaptable. Comes with just the right space inside. However, they don’t have very long lengths that would have a terrible effect on off-road performances.

2022 Toyota Prado Inside

Toyota Prado 2022 can have a great cabin. Of course, its design is probably for its time, specifically when it comes to dashboard design and even resource selection. On the contrary, its interior is incredibly functional. It can count on many storage spaces as well as many areas. Your SUV seats about 8-10 passengers and in many cases the next row will be very convenient for adult passengers. The same goes for the charging capability, which may be among the best in the class. It is possible to count 16 cube fingers linked to the next row. When those car seats are pulled out, capacity improves to 43 cubic feet. In the end, the full potential moves to the side with about 82 cubed fingers.

2022 Toyota Prado Powertrain

While the new age group is looking forward to something productive, this 2022 Toyota Prado will undoubtedly follow the popular 5.7-liter V8, which delivers around 380 horsepower and up to 400 pound-feet. As for the engine torque, it also has an 8- to 10-speed intelligent transmission. Apart from the sufficient amount of power, the motor is known for its reliability and durability. Undoubtedly the type of driver who travels around the world without having to worry. One thing we should care about is fuel economy. In fact, this is the most unfortunate reason for this Land Cruiser. With just 13 miles per gallon in the city and up to 18 miles per gallon on the highway, the 2022 Toyota Prado may still be the thirstier product in the class.

2022 Toyota Prado Release Date And Cost

Since there are no more significant changes ahead, the 2022 Toyota Prado will likely arrive later next season. The price should remain the same for the last product, which will approach $85,000.

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2022 Toyota Prado Gxl New V8 Kakadu Lexus Engine

2022 Toyota Prado Gxl New V8 Kakadu Lexus Engine

2022 Toyota Prado Update

Despite the tightening of global emissions standards with each passing year and the increasing focus of governments on manufacturers to launch electric cars, some gas-guzzling SUVs still persist. Such is the case with Toyota SUVs at least to take it anywhere, Toyota Prado and Toyota Land Cruiser. According to a report by the Japanese auto magazine bestcarweb.jp, the company plans to renew the smallest and iconic 4×4 SUV for another generation.

Release Day

The current fourth generation Toyota Land Cruiser Prado was launched in September 2009 and received two renewals during this time. The all-new fifth-generation Toyota Prado is supposed to debut in early 2022, but that may not happen, according to a report from bestcarweb.jp.

The report notes that Toyota has several new SUV/MPV programs for 2022, such as the next-generation Noah/Voxy/Esquire in March, the Crown SUV in the middle of the year, and the next-generation Alphard/Vellfire in the second. Mid year. The report says that the “best time” for the next generation of Prado will be around August-September 2023. However, a source from the Creative311.com distributor is still suggesting its launch in 2022. The truth is that the debut won’t take place before mid-2022, The hybrid variant may arrive long after launch.

Toyota Land Cruiser Diagram

Expect the Toyota Prado 2023 to maintain the appearance and visual qualities of the SUV body while maintaining a distance from crossovers. Photo: Land Cruiser surrender from the Land Cruiser Instagram page

A report from carsales.com.au in March indicated a delay in the launch of the next generation Land Cruiser Prado in Australia, where the car has a large following. A source familiar with the developments said the redesigned model is “at least two years away” from the region. With the Australian launch timing affected, Toyota Motor may also delay the market launch in New Zealand.

The source who revealed the delayed release talked about the design of the model. The external appearance will not be similar to the RAV4, as some car magazines have recently depicted. Toyota has to maintain the design identity of the world-acclaimed SUV, and giving it the appearance of a crossover doesn’t make sense for this reason. Toyota’s range of crossovers has grown exponentially since the debut of the Prado in 2009, and if anything, masculinity will only increase in the new generation.

Dimensions and platform

Toyota Land Cruiser and Toyota Prado will retain their SUV heritage. However, they will move to Toyota’s modular TNGA platform, which supports most new Toyota models on the market. Toyota has built a new version of the TNGA called the TNGA-F for its upcoming trucks and large SUVs.

Best Car magazine says the next generation Toyota Prado 2023 will have a “clean exterior”. Chances of the 3-door version seem slim, while the 5-door version is expected to be 4,825 mm long and 1,885 mm wide. It has a height of 1,830 mm and a wheelbase of 2,790 mm. For reference, the current model (5-door version) has the same dimensions except for the height (1,835 mm / 1,850 mm).

Hybrid engines included

Seating options will be the same as the current model: 5 and 7 seats. The big news, while still just a rumor, is that the all-new Toyota Prado will be available with a new parallel hybrid powertrain consisting of a 2.5-liter petrol engine and electric motor(s). Customers can also choose an upgraded version of the 2.8-liter 1GD-FTV diesel engine, which produces 150 kW (204 hp / 201 hp) and 500 Nm in the current model.

CarSales Australia speculates that the Prado Hybrid will use a smaller 2.5-liter petrol engine. Expect powertrain clarity to emerge later this year.


Expect the new Toyota Prado to be revealed in 2022 with a larger infotainment screen with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and new driver assistance features. Current Prado image courtesy of Toyota.

Toyota could introduce many new features from the upcoming Land Cruiser 300 in its smallest off-road SUV. For example, sequential turn indicators (front and/or rear), gesture tailgate, 9-inch touchscreen infotainment system with wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto wireless, 3D multi-terrain display + panoramic display, parking brake Electricity and Toyota Safety Sense (version 2.0 or higher) on the next generation Land Cruiser Prado. In addition, the all-new Prado can offer even more convenience with a wireless charger and USB-C port(s) for smartphones.

Toyota Land Cruiser Prado J150 received an update for the Japanese market on June 1, 2022, in what could be the final (or semi-final) intervention. The changes made with this update should help keep the model fairly fresh until the next generation drops.

Toyota kept the grilles, fenders, lights and tailgate design, but changed the design of the 19-inch alloy wheels. According to a report from creative311.com, Toyota has reduced body color options from nine to five: White Pearl Crystal Shine, Black, Attitude Black Mica, Red Mica Metallic and Avant-Garde Bronze Metallic. Super White II, Silver Metallic, Gray Metallic, and Ageha Glass Flake are the discontinued color options.

The interior design has not changed. According to the report, the third-row seat upholstery has been downgraded from genuine leather to faux leather. It was said that the backs of the front seats have received a new design, but there is no confirmation of this yet. Customers who choose the Black or Attitude Black Mica paint option can no longer select the beige interior. Intelligent Customs Clearance Sonar (ICS) is now a standard device.

Prices for the new Toyota Land Cruiser Prado range from 3,666,000 JPY ($33,264) to 5,543,000 JPY ($50,295).

Toyota Prado 70th Anniversary Edition Model

Toyota has introduced a special edition Land Cruiser Prado 70th Anniversary Limited Edition with update in Japan. The cost of the LC Prado Special Edition is 4,290,000-5,118,000 JPY (38,926-46,439 JPY).

Based on the TX L range, the Limited 70th Anniversary model offers a unique design with a black radiator grille, jet black radiator grille bars, dark black headlight bezels, 18-inch black alloy wheels and signature piano black. Roof bars, black ORVMs and jet black tailgate trims. The 70th Anniversary Logo can be selected as a trader-level option at 23,100 JPY ($210 USD).

The special treatment continues with richer materials and decorative details with brown genuine leather upholstery and a silver trim on the dashboard. Black 70th Anniversary Logo Mats can be added as an option at dealership level for an additional JPY 35,200 ($319).

Toyota Prado doesn’t sell in the US, and you’re unlikely to change your mind about the next generation. What the Prado’s transformation means for Americans is that the Lexus GX can stay in showrooms for another generation.

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2022 Toyota Prado Interior Update Philippines Australia All

2022 Toyota Prado Interior Update Philippines Australia All

2022 Toyota Prado News

Prices for the 2022 Toyota Prado have risen between $777 and $990 with advanced safety technology added to the base two models, while the top two grades get new wheel designs. 2022 Toyota Prado range starts now at $60,830 plus road costs for the five-seat GX (third-row option is $2,550 extra), $67,530 plus road costs for the seven-seat GXL, $77,157 US plus highway costs for the Deluxe VX, up to a maximum of US $87,807 plus highway costs for the Kakadu flagship version. Metallic paint adds $675.

Information released today by Toyota Australia revealed that the GX and GXL variants now come with Blind Spot Monitoring and Rear Cross Traffic Alert as standard, joining existing technology such as radar cruise control, departure alert with steering assist and speed sign recognition. Enhancements to the GX include a chrome grille and lights under the side mirrors. VX and Kakadu variants now come with new 19-inch alloy wheels.

All Prado models are powered by the same 2.8-liter four-cylinder turbodiesel producing a maximum output of 150 kW and 500 Nm, updated last year at the same time as the Toyota Hilux Out. The Prado remains available with a 150-liter fuel-capacity option (an 87-liter main tank and a 63-liter secondary tank) on versions that have a full-size, tailgate-mounted spare wheel.

The Prado “flat hatchback” versions, with the spare tire mounted under the car, feature an 87-liter fuel tank and remain a no-cost option on all model classes except the base GX. Brake-assisted traction remains unchanged by 3,000 kg across the range.

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