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The pinnacle of motorsport is Formula One, the world's most prestigious championship of motorsport. Formula One is a premier open wheel motor sport where cars are racing around tracks using an engine that is similar to a jet plane. Formula One is also known as F1 or grand Prix motor racing and is the highest level of global single-seater car racing, sanctioned and owned by the governing body of motorsport, the FédÉration Internationale de L'Auto (FIA).

F1 is a highly competitive and demanding form of motor racing with a wide range of regulations governing its competition. Drivers are competing in a series of qualifying events before the race season commences, before the season finishes with the grand final race at a neutral location.

In the race there are four different teams who compete against each other for the title; the two leading teams and the two teams in a battle for second place. Each team has several drivers who race in the race; these drivers are chosen by an independent judging panel. Every driver in the race is provided with an identical specification car, the car used for the race is always identical.

It takes many hours to complete a race. Each race consists of two sections: the qualifying and the race. During the race a driver must finish in the top three positions on the starting grid; if he cannot finish in the top three he will be dropped from the race and the next driver up on the grid will be placed into the race. The race begins in the pit lane; the first corner is used to begin the race and the last corner to finish is used to finish the race.

The rules of Formula One state that the cars that do not qualify for the grand final race must finish in the top five of all three races. It is therefore important for a team to have the best possible drivers in the race, especially if they are likely to get off to a strong start in the race and therefore make it to the final race.

Formula One teams have spent millions of pounds on their drivers in the past to try and guarantee they do well in the Grand Prix. In the previous year the race winner was paid almost a million pounds as a prize and the best finish a team could get was three tenths of a second. Today the prizes are much larger and they include items like jewellers, watches, paintings, luxury holidays and even a new Ferrari or Mercedes.

Formula One teams often spend several months preparing for the race and the drivers need to build up their confidence and performance over several weeks before the race. This is why it is so important to follow strict set times before the race starts; it allows the driver enough time to get comfortable and prepare for the race. If a driver is to gain as much experience and knowledge in the race as possible before starting the race, it can help him improve his racing skills.

Formula One racing is a highly competitive form of motor sport and there are some people that believe it is too demanding. For many enthusiasts, Formula One is a way of life. However, other people love the Adrenalin rush that Formula One provides and for those who take part in this form of motor racing, the thrill of racing at full steam is very thrilling.

F1 racing can often be seen on TV and the audience will often hear commentary stating the names of the race teams and the car drivers who are running the race and the times they are completing a lap. There are also radio commentary which talks about what is going on in the car and this is an excellent way to learn about the different aspects of the race and the mechanics that work within them.

Drivers have to know when to pit and also when to save themselves and when they should start their engines so that they do not get penalised. In order to stop during a race they must be able to use the tyres at the correct levels, but in order to do this they must know how to work on their tyres and how long they have to use them before they need to change them.

Formula One racing is full contact and the slightest mistake could result in a driver not finishing. If a driver makes an error while out driving, he can be penalised heavily.

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